“To create an environment in which knowledge about coffee and its sphere can be obtained”

Wonderful Copenhagen 2011

Posted: 23/1-2011

The aim is to understand the science behind our sensory perceptions. And by stimulating the senses we will improve our tasting skills. Therefore the program will be a mix of aroma sessions, basic taste theory...

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Nordic Barista Cup 2011 in Copenhagen

Posted: 22/1-2011

Nordic Barista Cup 2011 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dates: 25th - 27th August 2011. The theme for the 2011 seminar is: SENSORY. More information will follow on this page....

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2010 Winners: Sweden

Posted: 12/1-2011

Oh my goodness, the final night is here! We are at the most incredible location in all of Oslo—well, at least that is what I think, since I havent seen much of anything else around here. ...

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List of winners from past years

  • 2011 - ?
  • 2010 - Sweden
  • 2009 - Denmark
  • 2007 - Sweden
  • 2006 - Norway
  • 2005 - Norway
  • 2004 - Denmark

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